5NIPER web comic

Cover Art idea for a comic book character I wanted to do an origins short story on.  I’ll get a synopsis on here soon enough.  For now, pics:)

This futuristic story is set in a caustic and dangerous desert.  The main character, Avi, spends the majority of the story in the elements with an air respirator covering his face.  I wanted something really cool that would allow reader to identify him throughout the story so I sketched until I came up with a breather that looked pretty signature:


Dust-proof fabric covers the mechanics and wrap around his neck like a shaw to the backpack part of his dune suit.

(there were 10 other pieces of paper with the most God awful ‘face pumps’ scribbled on them before I was happy with this one I’m sure)


Next I cropped the piece of the paper I liked, printed it out large on a printer and used alot of Sharpie markers on it.  dried up markers are perfect for this kind of art.  I scanned it back into the computer and started doing some details on his lens:



I kind of like the picture above the most in retrospect,  but in order to have that perspective, I had to get Sketchbook Pro on my Ipad.  I made this:

A little too overworked for me, but I’m critical.  Besides, that whole retrospective thing, Priceless



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