Yarr Banana Grog

So my friend makes this banana rum on St Martin that is good.  I mean really good, cause I hate rum and I love this stuff.  I digress.  Anyway, some batches were being made, one friend had a glass bottle cutting machine at his job, and they asked me to do the logo for the bottle.  So the idea was a jolly roger and the title, “Yarr Banana Grog”.  Hahaha, too funny let’s do it.

Okay, so I always try and ask for something personal from the person I am designing for; some kind of source material for my creative muse maybe.  My friend gets me so sent me this pic of the original logo for the banana rum:



Not bad.  I loved the aesthetic.  The end graphic needed to be in vector format for the glass cutting macheen to read.  This was a first for me, but fun all the same.  I started sketching some ideas and circled back on this page of stuff:

These skulls were too cartoony for these fellas.  They wanted mandibles and realism and details and stuff. The idea morphs anyway into using crossed muskets instead of swords (more Caribbean maybe, I dunno but they knew what they wanted and that’s helps narrow the visual style.

Back to the drawing board, but not really, because the vision was salient in front of me.  I threw together this horribibble thumbnail and sent it to the guys:

(in a nutshell:  skull crossed by two muskets, jolly roger style.  the crack in the skull will be the shape of St.Martin)

They laughed and said go for it.  You know I did:

Got the skull and island shape down.  I found some decent muskets on the internets so I popped those in illustrator, layered out my skull and got to work:

I worked in the beginning mainly thinking about silhouette, forcing the composition to be correct before settling into detail work.  Speaking of, below is a closeup of the island cutout in the skull:
yarrgrog-vector-v05I wasn’t sure what detail level the glass-cutting machine would be able to go to, so I used basic strokes in illustrator, allowing for ease of post-edits later.  The back-up plan was to use printed labels so this was the glass carved vector image:
yarrgrog-vector-v06-comp-nobg  Printed version:

Note:  The carved version did end up on a few bottles, just no pictures of them that I have.  I’ll update the post as soon as I find some)



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