Drum Circle 2014

36x24inch acrylic and ink on canvas

Every moment of making this one was fun:)

Malcolm X Park during the summer  in Washington DC provided the energy.  The reverberation of the drums composed the shot.  The People painted the picture I just reflected their strokes.

Statue of a man on a horse off in the distance, a woman dancing on the planters,  towels and mats laid out on the grass.  the energy of the drums, just beyond sight

In a private collection

I was commissioned to do a mural for a party promoter in the late 90’s.  It was for a really respected dj and the commission was probably the biggest I had ever received at that point in my life. To top it off the promoter was also an artist, so I was completely empowered to create what I felt was best for the event.  His wife was a phenomenal dj and visual artist as well so it was an awesome learning opportunity as I went on to do a lot of other events and bigger shows because of their generosity.  This positive experience was instrumental in my understanding of my worth as an artist.

Pencil drawing, inked with a .5 nibbed pen on 11″x17″ cardstock.riseabove_-_1w


The mural, fluoro acrylic paint on heavy canvas rolls.  9’x9′

First show, before the black background was painted, but you can see the scale pretty easily mural-01